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The city of Viareggio

Viareggio is known for its Carnival founded in 1873 with its fantastic floats of colorful papier-mache that are carried on the "Promenade" street.

Viareggio is the pearl of the Versilia, one of the most popular seaside resorts of Italy.Itwas built at the right of Fossa Burlamacca . It has a touristic harbour and large avenues walk along flanked by numerous and colourful bath establishments, gardens.

It is known for its eclectic architecture, Art Nouveau and Art Deco and for being a city of artists like Lorenzo Viani, Uberto Bonetti, Alfredo Catarsini, Renato Santini, Mario Marcucci, Inachus Biancalana, Galileo Chini and Alfredo Belluomini.

Viareggio is home to many events and awards including the Premio Letterario Viareggio Repaci, from 1929, the Premio Viareggio Sport from 1985 and Viareggio Carnival World Cup Tournament from 1949.

It is also important to remember Gaber's festival , in memory of Giorgio Gaber with the participation of outstanding artists of the Italian music scene since 2004.

Although the town has lost some of its historical and artistic heritage in the Second World War, one can find buildings, monumentsand plaques . In “La Passeggiata” and in the “Viali a mare”there are the most important and famous buildings of the Art Nouveau and of the Art Deco'. Politeama Theatre is the most populare building on the dock.

In 1998 the "Centro Cultural Studies Eclectic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco" was founded by the Culture assessorate of Viareggio to study and promote this part of the city's artistic heritage.


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